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Summer Camp 2022!!

Welcome to our 2022 Summer Camp!!


This year, summer camp will be at our SEYMOUR location. It will be science based and will include art, STEM activities, fieldtrips, Special Guests, and lots of outside play. Please fill out the registration below for the weeks you would like your child to attend. Hours will be same as school hours: 8:30 - 2:30, with drop off as early as 8:15, and pick up by 3:00.

Please fill out the form ONE time for EACH child. The Registration Packet below will be due on

the first day your child attends camp.


Week 1 (June 27th - July 1st):  $100.00

Week 2 (July 5th - July 8th):  $100.00

Week 3 (July 11th - July 15th):  $100.00

Week 4 (July 18th - July 22nd):  $100.00

** Special Pricing: Week 1 - Week 4: $375.00


Please note: 

  • a $100 deposit is required for all enrollments. This deposit will count towards your summer camp tuition.

  • We will be closed July 4th - tuition will not be pro-rated for this day.


(Week 1) 

During this session, we will learn all about trees that sleep and trees that stay awake year round. We will take a close look at some tree bark, and how syrup can be made from tree sap. Our field trip will be an easy walk through the forest to get up close and personal with trees!

Flower Buds

Flowers & Plants, Seeds to sprouts
(week 2)

From plants you can eat, to plants that eat bugs, we will be learning about them all; From seeds to sprouts, to the different parts of a plant. We will be sprouting beans in a baggie this week and taking a field trip to the Eklund Garden in Shelton, where we can enjoy their wild flowers and hiking trails.


Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!
(week 3)

This week we will be learning all about Insects and the role they play in nature. We will learn about some favorites, like butterflies and ladybugs, as well as some not so favorites, like mosquitoes! Our field trip this week will be to Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust in Woodbury where we will participate in their "Insect Investigation" Program.

Sea Turtle

Fish, reptiles, & amphibians, oh my!
(Week 4)

We will end our Nature Camp with some slimy, slithery fun. We will dive into learning about lizards, snakes, frogs, fish, and even some water plants. Webb Mountain Discovery Zone will be our destination this week where we will visit their vernal ponds to see if we can find some frogs, salamanders, and more!

Registration Form

This file includes the Registration Form, Contact Info, Video Release form, and Student Pickup Release Info

Emergency Forms

This file includes the Emergency Release Form as well as Emergency Contact Info.

Medication Authorization 

Only fill out this form if your child requires medication to be administered during the school day.

Membership Intake Form

This file is the last form you need to complete your membership/registration! This will be given to you/completed in person once your registration has been accepted and is complete. 

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