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Pricing Info / Southbury Registration (2022-2023)

** Classes start September 6th!! **

*See our calendar and handbook for more details*

All Class generally follow the public school calendar. If you choose to enroll your child, you are committing to enroll your child

from now, until the academic year ends in June.

Steps to register: 

  1. You MUST be a member to enroll your child. To become a member, you must first complete the initial registration using the "Register Now" button below (scroll down). Once you complete the form, a membership application will be emailed to you to sign electronically. 

  2. Upon approval, you must pay the Enrollment fee via cash, check. 

  3. Once the enrollment fee is paid, you must fill out all forms on the Registration tab, including the Membership intake form. Once all steps have been completed, you and your family are officially enrolled members of our PEA!! Can't wait to meet you all on the first day!! 

  4. The Registration Packet (below) is due on the first day. 

** Please Note: Membership is only official with an approved Membership application from administration. **

Pricing/Initial Registration: Programs
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Preschool (2 & 3 year old class):   

** Your choice of 2, 3, or 5 full days per week **

All Classes run for the entire academic year and follow our

Academic Calendar. 


8:30 am - 2:30 pm

2 days per week (Tuesday/Thursday) = $550/month

($5,500 per year)  +  $175.00 Enrollment Fee

3 days per week (Mon, Wed, Fri) = $750/month

($7,500 per year)  $175.00 Enrollment Fee

5 days per week (Mon - Fri) = $950/month

($9,500 per year)  $175.00 Enrollment Fee


Registration Packet

Click to Download each of the files. This Packet is due on the first day. Please download and read the handbook before completing the registration process, and take a look our academic calendar.

All tuition payments are due at the beginning of each month (see hand book for full details). Tuition is not prorated for vacation days normally included in the academic calendar.

2021 - 2022 Academic Calendar

2022 - 2023 Academic Calendar

** If you are having trouble downloading the files, try right clicking the download button and saving it to your ** computer first (Google Chrome often blocks downloads as a safety feature). If you are still having trouble, email me and I will send you the files! 

Registration Form

This file includes the Registration Form, Contact Info, Video Release form, and Child Pickup Release Info

Emergency Forms

This file includes the Emergency Release Form as well as Emergency Contact Info.

Medication Authorization 

Only fill out this form if your child requires medication to be administered during the day.

Membership Intake Form

This file is the last form you need to complete your membership/registration! This will be given to you/completed in person once your registration has been accepted and is complete. 

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